The 6th International Study Week Is Here!

Wells of Hope Ministries brings you another week of interacting with children of prisoners, their families and prisoners.

The International Study Week is a 6 day event which is organised by Wells of Hope Ministries, where participants from different parts of the world are engaged on a study about children with a parent in prison. The participants also get to know more about what Wells of Hope does.

As Wells of Hope, The study week is a great avenue for us to consolidate our experience, to share new knowledge and skills, and to discuss and jointly develop an Action Agenda for Children whose Parents are in Prison. The study week also aims at promoting friendship, solidarity, and one spirit Among people working with Children  whose parents Are in Prison from all over the World.

The study week  also aims at educating participants about the effects of parental imprisonment. Like before, during the study week The participants will appreciate the plight of children of prisoners from a global perspective, they will learn and contribute towards creative and effective solutions that can be undertaken.

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5th International Study Week


We are glad to report that we held our Annual Study Week from 19th to 24th June 2017. This year’s theme was “Reducing Poverty By Supporting Children And Their Families.” We were glad to have Quniana Futrell (an Author based in US) interact with children with parents in prison and their families. The children’s parents and caregivers expressed gratitude towards Wells of Hope for the support of their families: Ever since the imprisonment of our son, our family has been struggling financially & emotionally but with the intervention of Wells of Hope Ministry, we believe life will get better now that the burden of these 2 children has been reduced said the grandparents. Ruth, the mother of Harriet 7 years and Simon 9 years (both at Wells of Hope Junior School) expressed gratitude and joy for all the support Wells of Hope gives her, with tears of joy she said, “I really want to thank God for you people (Wells of Hope Ministries) because if you didn’t come, I don’t know where my children would be.”

She encouraged the children to always be resilient in what they do and to always ensure that they forgive their parents for the crimes they committed so that they can move on. She encouraged the children to always make sure they have a dream they work hard for so that they are successful in the future. She encouraged their families and inmates continue having faith in God and that they are not alone. They were all grateful for the advice she gave them. Read more

4th International Study Week

Family Visits: Ann and Hannah interacting with children of one of the families
Family Visits: Ann and Hannah interacting with children of one of the families

We are glad that we hosted the 4th international study week, which was held from 20th to 25th June 2016. The participants were glad to be part of what Wells of Hope does; interacting with inmates and their families. Read more